Painting by George Pemba, by flowcomm is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Black Figuration in Painting at the Kunstmuseum Basel

One of Europe's Top 10 Exhibitions of 2024: "When We See Us" at the Kunsthaus Museum in Basel.

Among the must-see exhibitions in Europe for 2024 is  "When we see us: a century of black figuration in painting", hosted by the Kunsthaus Museum in Basel. This groundbreaking exhibition delves into Black self-representation and celebrates global Black identities and consciousness from pan-African and pan-diasporic perspectives.

Bringing together artworks from the last 100 years by Black artists around the world, the exhibition places these works in conversation with contemporary Black thinkers, writers, and poets. The focus on painting highlights how artists from Africa and its diaspora have portrayed and celebrated African and African-descent experiences.

"When We See Us" not only showcases stunning artworks but also contributes to important discussions on African and Black liberation and intellectual movements. It celebrates the resilience, essence, and powerful political significance of Black joy

Don't miss this vibrant and thought exhibition!

This exhibition is conceived and organized by Zeitz MOCAA.

"When we see us: a century of black figuration in painting" at the Kunstmuseum Basel until 27 October 2024.

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