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A new way to connect people and art

Are you new in Zurich or have you been here a long time and want to discover the city's must-see artworks or architecture? You have a passion and you want to find out how it relates to art?

MatchArt expands your perspectives through innovative art experiences month after month. 

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  • Poster Exhibition Oliviero Toscani by MatchArt 2024

    EXHIBITION VISIT - Oliviero Toscani: Photography at the Museum für Gestaltung

    Experience with MatchArt the photo exhibition “Oliviero Toscani: Photography and Provocation”. It's an immersive experience showcasing a diverse range of photos spanning various themes - social issues, politics, religion, and culture - that push us to think critically about the world we live in.

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  • Knowledge

    Because MatchArt is knowledge. Cultural places are often perceived as boring places and cultural activities as a waste of time. Our proposals are designed to inspire you to discover the dynamism of cultural environments and practices.

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  • Entertainment

    Because MatchArt is entertainment. Entertainment acts as a powerful gateway to your education and emotions.

    Our proposals are constantly updated, month after month, to the Zurich cultural events and surroundings.

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  • Creativity

    Because MatchArt is creativity. Creative experiences are the best way to improve your skills and your ability to feel connected to others. Our proposals are designed to spark your imaginationand build creative confidence.  

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