About us

MatchArt is an innovative start-up founded in Zurich in 2023, operating in the cultural sector. 

Dr. Daria Brasca and Chiara Ranghino before moving to Zurich, in the post-pandemic year, both worked in Italy in the art fields. After completing their university degrees in History of Modern and Contemporary Art, Daria and Chiara pursued different paths in the art world, guided by their respective passions. 

Two Women sit on the red sofa, by Cloudia Chen, 2024

Dr. Daria Brasca
The enchantment of discovering the past, the artists, and the works they created has captivated Daria since time immemorial. Consequently, following the completion of her Ph.D. in Management and Development of Cultural Heritage, Daria dedicated herself to university research in the history of art, art of collecting and museological studies. Her fervor for disseminating art knowledge led her to regularly lecture in universities and contribute to scholarly papers.

Chiara Ranghino
The connection between Chiara and contemporary art was instant love!

As a result, following the completion of her M.A. in Contemporary Art Management and Curatorship at the Luiss Business School, Chiara wholeheartedly committed herself to the field of contemporary art. Serving as a private art advisor to several collectors, she engaged in collaborations with numerous artists and art galleries in Northern Italy.

If Chiara contributes her expertise in contemporary art trends and her passion for building bridges between artists and society to MatchArt, Daria brings her profound knowledge in art history and curatorial museum practices to the start-up.

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