Collection: What is Contemporary Art?

Understand and enjoy contemporary art with MatchArt!

Learn more about contemporary art through thoughtful conversation and engaging first-hand exploration of art pieces.
Our art expert guides unravel often-discussed but little-understood concepts like “conceptual art,” “new media art,” “business artists,” and more. Plus, we address common questions such as “What makes it art?” and “Why is it so expensive?
"Cartoon about Art by Chris Madden" © Chris Madden, 2023
Join our Contemporary Art visits to closely examine artworks, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and delve into the practices, materials, exhibition themes, as well as the social and cultural contexts that shape these artistic expressions. Let MatchArt be your guide to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the vibrant world of contemporary art!

Do you have burning questions about contemporary art? Did an art gallery or museum in Zurich catch your eye, and now you want to know more? Look no further! MatchArt will quench your thirst for knowledge and take you on an exciting journey into the world of contemporary art in Zurich and beyond.

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