MatchArt Visits Lugano

Experience outstanding collections & exhibitions in Lugano.

Trace the story of Ticino and international artists who have had significant connections with Italian-speaking Switzerland over the centuries. The Mediterranean climate, the romantic landscape, and the Italian atmosphere of Ticino enthralled artists who found inspiration around the Lugano Lake's shores. 

Find inspirations in MatchArt proposals! All the below proposals are designed in Italian or English (other languages upon request).

"LAC Museum Art in Lugano" bydalberais CCBY2.0

PROPOSAL #1 - Museum Visit, 1h 

MASI Lugano: The largest museum in Ticino hosted an impressive collection spanning from the late 15th century to the present day. Follow with MatchArt the historical traces from the Renaissance era, up to 19th-century Romanticism, and further into Symbolism, Expressionism, and right up to the first blossoming of Surrealism. 

PROPOSAL #2 - Museum Visit, 1 hour-visit

Bally Foundation: Contemporary art and innovative artists find a home at the enchanting Villa Heleneum of the Bally Foundation. Visit with MatchArt the new forms of contemporary art immersed in a dreamlike setting by the lakeside. A must-visit destination to experience the most innovative trends in international art! 

Bally Foundation, Lugano, panorama window, MatchArt 2023

PROPOSAL #3 - Museum Visit, 1 hour-visit

MUSEC: The museum of art and anthropology investigates the diverse forms of human creativity across cultures and countries. Be curious and eager to expand their knowledge of world cultures. MatchArt is ready to accompany you around the world! 

PROPOSAL #4 - ArtWalk, 2 hour-visit

Reinassance Lugano: Embark on a 2-h walk among the art and architectures that defines the Renaissance in Lugano. From the frescos pianted by Leonardo da Vinci's pupil, Bernardino Luini, at the Church Santa Maria degli Angioli, to the exquisite Church Santa Maria di Loreto, and continuing to the imposing Cathedral of St. Lorenzo. Immerse yourself with MatchArt in an amazing journey through a glorious artistic past!

The beautiful shore of Lake Lugano is just crossing the street. What better way to explore the most beautiful spots in Lugano than by taking a pleasant walk together with MatchArt? Wouldn't a relaxing break include sitting at a table, sipping coffee, and admiring Lake Lugano?  

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"Sunset over Lake Lugano, Switzerland" CC BY-SA 4.0