Interior of Claude Monet's kitchen, by Viaggiatrice Curiosa, 2019

A Culinary Journey: Sitting at Monet’s Table

Step into the world of Claude Monet, where Impressionism meets gastronomy.

Beyond his celebrated masterpieces, Claude Monet was also a connoisseur of food, a gourmand. At his home in Giverny, Monet wrote detailed culinary repertoire, documenting his recipes and the company he shared them with. The cuisine of Giverny was a blend of lunches, hosting frequent visits from friends and art collectors such as Clemenceau, Renoir, Pissarro, and Durand-Ruel, and idyllic picnics that allowed Monet to commune with nature, inspiration sources of colors and lights.

Monet paid meticulous attention to sourcing the finest ingredients, starting with the meticulously tended garden of his villa, where he painted the masterpieces we celebrate today. The garden provided an array of vegetables, from root vegetables to leafy greens, bulbs, and grains, as well as melons, tomatoes, climbing vegetables, and essential aromatic herbs, all indispensable for French culinary preparations.

Monet's culinary repertoire, rooted in French tradition, features both timeless dishes that reflect the artist's connection to his heritage and exotic innovations, such as the use of spices and unconventional flavor pairings for the time. The recipes themselves, carefully selected for their rustic charm and reliance on fresh, seasonal ingredients, span from simple galettes and hearty casseroles to delicate soufflés, succulent seafood dishes, and delightful tarts, cakes, and pastries.

His passion for cooking was evident in every aspect of his meals, from the careful selection of ingredients to the artful presentation at the table.
Intriguingly, Monet's approach to food mirrored his artistic style, characterized by impressionistic flourishes and bold experimentation.

Can we then speak of a "culinary impressionism"? Explore Monet's world and decide for yourself! 
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