Sculpture by Alexander Calder in Chicago, by Vincent desjardins under CC BY 2.0

Calder: Sculpting Time at the MASI Lugano

Alexander Calder: the sculptor embracing free space.

Experience the most complete and extensive exhibition dedicated to Alexander Calder in Switzerland, showcasing the iconic American sculptor of the last century. Opening at MASI Lugano, this exhibition celebrates Calder's innovative contributions to art. Alexander Calder (1898-1976) is renowned for pioneering wire sculptures and mobiles, a form of kinetic art that defies gravity with balanced suspension. Coined by Duchamp as mobiles these creations are celebrated for their graceful movement and intricate balance.

Entitled "Calder: Sculpting Time," the exhibition features 30 masterpieces crafted between 1931 and 1960. Displayed in an open space, devoid of walls or obstacles, visitors are invited to witness Calder's sculptures twirl freely in the air. At the heart of Calder's work lies an invitation to perceive each piece dynamically, as they continuously shift and interact with the space around them. Each sculpture embodies infinite forms, with none ever deemed final.

At the MASI Lugano until 6 October 2024, this exhibition is realized in collboration with the Calder Foundation

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Calder. Sculpture and Constructions, movie produced by the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1944.

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