"Hedi Mertens, detail" by MatchArt 2024

Hedi Martens from Lugano to Zurich

Heide Martens, an artist waiting to be discovered!

The Swiss artist Hedi Martens (1893-1982) is currently being exhibited at the Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich after the successful last exhibition in Lugano: "Hedi Mertens: The Logic of Intuition".
The exhibition, co-organized by MASI Lugano and Haus Konstruktiv, sheds light on the work of this important abstract artist, who is still relatively unknown to the general public, through a selection of over 30 paintings covering her entire production from the early 1960s to the late 1970s.
In her artistic research, Mertens revisits and explores some of the foundations of geometric abstraction, drawing inspiration from representatives of Zurich's concrete art, including Richard Paul Lohse, Max Bill, Camille Graeser, and Verena Loewensberg. The square is the chosen subject in all of her works, constructed with pictorial orders often governed by arithmetic and geometric operations.

An artist waiting to be discovered. Write to us, and we'll accompany you on an exceptional journey of discovery!

"Hedi Martens: The Logic of Intuition" is on display at Haus Konstruktiv until 5 May 2024.

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