"Portrait of Sebastião Salgado" licenced creative commons

Sebastião Salgado in Milan

Take a look to the Amazônia exhibition at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan!

More than 200 photographs are on display, depicting the vegetation, rivers, mountains, and people of the Brazilian Amazon. It will be an amazing immersion in the rainforest, accompanied by the soundtrack by French Musician Jean-Michel Jarre.

As Sebastião Salgado says: “I am particularly happy to be back in Milan with this Amazônia exhibition. This city has always given much space to my work, offering citizens the opportunity to see photographs that testify to what remains of this immense endangered heritage. For life and nature to escape further destruction and depredation, it is up to every single human being on the planet to take part in its protection”.

The exhibition "Amazonia" took place at Fabbrica del Vapore until 28 January 2024.
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