Fornasetti, plate, design, surrealism, by Jl FilpoC is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

A dialogue between Surrealism & Design in Lausanne

Step into the captivating world of surrealism & design at the MUDAC museum in Lausanne!

The exhibition "Objects of Desire: Surrealism in Design" at the MUDAC - Museum of Contemporary Design and Aplied Arts in Lausanne delves into the intriguing dialogue between surrealism and design spanning the past century. Featuring iconic works from visionaries like Salvador Dalí, Meret Oppenheim, and Iris van Herpen, as well as contemporary projects, this exhibition highlights the enduring influence of surrealism on the world of design.
From fantastical motifs to subversive concepts and a deep exploration of the human psyche, surrealism continues to inspire designers to this day. Explore a diverse array of design furniture, graphic design, fashion, decoration, and photography, all under one roof in "Objects of Desire."
At the MUDAC Lausenne until 4 August 2024. 
Did you know that the artist and Man Ray's model, Meret Oppenheim, often considered the muse of the Surrealist movement by many, was Swiss and lived between Basel and Carona in Ticino?
Today the prestigious award Swiss Grand Prix for Art is dedicated to her.
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