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Zurich Art Weekend 2024

The 7th Edition of ZURICH ART WEEKEND opens the doors this week!

From Friday, June 7, to Sunday, June 9, will take plate the "Zurich Art weekend", the annual art event celebrating contemporary art with a rich program of exhibitions, talks, performances, and guided tours and much more. 

The three-day immersive event serves as a prelude to Art Basel, one of the world's most prestigious art fairs, held shortly after in Basel. Since its inaugural edition in 2018, this timing has amplified the event's allure, drawing an international audience of art collectors, curators, and enthusiasts.

Leading galleries and art spaces in Zurich showcase special exhibitions, often timed to open during the art weekend. These exhibitions feature works by renowned and emerging artists, providing a comprehensive look at the contemporary art scene. 

With more than 65 venues across the city, a curated program of 75 exhibitions and 130 events showcases the work of 180+ established and up-and-coming artists, makes the Zurich Art Weekend the artistic event of the year not to be missed.

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